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Upřímě? Snad vám nebude vadit že vám to nepřeložím ale hádám že většina z vás anglicky umí,vážně vážně doufám že vám to nebude vadit.


'It's scary for me...but this is important to share'

If you've ever watched one of Tyler Oakley's YouTube videos - which let's be honest you can't not have done at this point - then you'll know that aside from being totally fricking hilarious, he's got a whole lot of heart and is never afraid to be real.
But while you might feel like you know Tyler pretty well, he's actually preparing to share a side of him that he's kept private for a long time in new book Binge.Ahead of the release set for October, Tyler's spoken openly about some of the hardest personal experiences he's ever faced, which include dealing with an eating disorder and how he coped with an abusive relationship back when he was in college.
Chatting to Seventeen, Tyler explained that he still struggles with his body image now.
"With videos, meet and greets, and a million pictures a day, it's definitely a thing that I think about," he explained. "It's not about clothes fitting. It's not about feeling chubbier than normal. I'd beat myself up over a day that I'm not active. If I'm lazy, then I feel grody."
While he's extremely honest and open with fans in his videos, Tyler says his eating disorder was something he found it hard to open up about so publicly.
"Talking about it is really hard because it's something I suppress and work through every day," he adds. "And I haven't really talked about body image in videos. I assume when people read this, they'll be like, 'Oh, you're not fat.' That's not what it's about at all. Even when I was the skinniest I'd ever been, I was still not happy."
This isn't the only thing Tyler's opened up about in the book either and while it was a particularly difficult thing to do, he wanted to speak out about a past relationship that turned abusive in the hope it would help anyone going through a similar experience.
"Another hard thing to write was the chapter about one of my ex-boyfriends that talks about abuse... Even though it ended up only a few pages long, I wrote pages and pages and pages," Tyler says.
"This doesn't deserve pages and pages and pagesm," he adds. "But it's important to share; it's important to talk about. My mom doesn't even know... nobody knows about that. So it's scary for me."
Explaining why this seemed like the right moment to open up, Tyler says: "A lot of people reading the book are going to be younger. It's good for them to hear about these things and not act like it doesn't exist... This is a book I would have wanted or needed in high school. So that was important to me when it came down to writing it."
That said, everything is pretty good in the love department these days and it sounds like friends Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen aren't the only ones who've found love as Tyler also confirmed that he's dating someone.
He's got big dreams of marriage some day too and adds, "The ideal guy would be somebody who's driven and passionate" but also "goofy and unafraid of being dumb and silly and looking like an idiot."
So Niall Horan then? Yeah, us too.
What do you make of all this then? All we can say is FOUR FOR YOU TYLER, YOU GO TYLER - we'd imagine it must've been super hard to open up about all of that and you've got to respect him for that.
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